Techno gym

“Let’s Move for a Better World” is the biggest social campaign in the industry launched by TECHNOGYM, to raise awareness in the fight against obesity and sedentariness, and embodies TECHNOGYM’s mission to improve wellness on a global scale. Thanks to TECHNOGYM’s ecosystem platform, mywellness, gym members in fitness facilities around the world joined forces to donate their movement and promote healthy lifestyles in their local community and beyond.

Key stats from the 2017 edition:

  • 782 fitness facilitiesacross 26 countries
  • Over 000 participantstracked their exercise collecting MOVEs, Technogym’s unit of measurement for movement
  • A total of 480 million MOVEswere generated and 200 million calories burned 

CIOI 2017 team cycle - challenge

All CIOI 2017 participants are invited to participate in CIOI 2017 team cycle challenge. Each delegate have a colour of her/his team. Look at your in your badge.

Delegates are divided in four teams by 4 different colours. Once you arrive to the venue, go to the Exhibition hall and at the Technogym booth, choose the bicycle of your team colour, and start cycling.

Help your team achieve the most kilometres and enjoy the experience! We have presents for the winners!


UN SDGs Photo booth

The Sustainable Development Goals are a plan for action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

These 17 Goals build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, while including new areas such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, among other extremely important topics.

Have a one time opportunity to share some words of your own with the UN community.

At the Exhibition Hall, look for the SDGs Photo Booth and we invite you to choose the one you identify yourself with the most, take a picture and share the message with the world.

Blue lounge

There will be a small exhibition room, near the Poster Area, for additional Conference Contents. It will display social media, messages board, small videos, as well a continuous digital poster presentation during the entire time of the Conference.

We invite you to pass through the Blue Lounge at the Exhibition Hall.


1logo_orquestra_geracao 2

Orchestra “Geração”

Supported by Orquestra Geração

Founded in 2007 by the National Conservatorium of Lisbon the Amadora’s City Council with the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation, the project “Generation Orchestra” began in two schools in Lisbon’s region, working with almost 100 children from different ethnical origins. Today we work in 20 schools in Lisbon and Coimbra with circa 950 children.

Generation Orchestra’s aim is to provide children from unfavorable conditions around Lisbon region with an extensive and comprehensive educational program that will help their social integration. We achieve these goals through musical education, especially orchestra playing, since working together for long periods during the week, makes them know each other, respect each other and work with each other towards a common goal, the final public presentation. Therefore we also help them to gradually build their personalities in order to prepare them to be able to choose in the future a profession away from marginality, crime and drugs.

We work in public schools (Lisbon, Vila Franca de Xira , Loures , Amadora ,Lisbon, Oeiras , Sintra and Sesimbra, Almada and Coimbra) where we find children from different origins – Caucasian , African ( from the ancient Portuguese colonies) and Gypsy communities.



Supported by MdCrew

It is a dance group, based in Sintra, made up of children and adolescents. From Hip-Hop to Jazz, we always try to dazzle through the versatility and fusion of styles!


Kid’s Zumba Class

Supported by Oeiras Dance Academy

The Oeiras Dance Academy is a new dance academy that opened in the Historic Center of Oeiras. The Academy was born to respond to a lack of dance teaching in Oeiras, intending to provide a service of proximity and excellence through classes of more than 30 modalities of dance from Monday to Sunday taught by accredited professionals.


Tuna Académica

Supported by Tuna Académica de Lisboa

Tuna Académica de Lisboa was founded by some students of the Lisbon Academy in December of 1997. The Tuna Académica de Lisboa shares the same spirit, in fact, like all other tunas of this noble academy that prevails the value of friendship, fellowship and music made by students, for the students. The intention of congregating, around the music and the idea of representing the Academy and the City of Lisbon among the students, made this musical project to be considered, by whom it was part, with a great seriousness and responsibility. Within the academic values, it was always true intention to promote friendship, sharing of values and respect for individuality, since only in this way it is possible to motivate a musical growth based on quality and a group based on the maturity of the members that compose it. Tuna Académica de Lisboa is made up of students and alumni from the most varied colleges, universities and institutes of the Lisbon Academy. In this way, we believe to constitute a degree of representativeness that bases the intention to continue a project that represents the Academy and the City of Lisbon.


Tocá Rufar

Supported by Tocá Rufar

Tocá Rufar, founded in 1996, is a model project of artistic and cultural formation for the affirmation and promotion of traditional portuguese percussion and the drum instrument that distinguishes itself by placing portuguese culture, knowledge and art, in a privileged position as a source value, development and contemporaneity. Through artistic practice of excellence, creating and innovating within a cultural tradition, building and exporting the image of a modern, agile, active, creative and innovative Portugal, and possessing a solid cultural identity. As well as a prominent organizational model that can be applied in other national and foreign entities.


Yoga Kids

Supported by Portuguese Yoga Confederation

The Portuguese Yoga Confederation – CONPORYO is a non-profit Philosophical and Cultural Institution and a World Specialist in Yoga. Founded in 1979 it has as President H.H. Amrta Súryánanda Maharája, Jorge Veiga e Castro, Grand International Yoga Master, its founder and supervisor, one of the most considered living Yoga masters in all the World.

The CONPORYO prioritizes International Excellence in the preservation of the Noble and Ancient Primordial Yoga Sámkhya, as well as its teaching. Also practicing Excellence in Teachers Training, World Specialist, having already graduated hundreds of Yoga Teachers in Portugal – Exponential Factor of Human beings. Being

deeply non -theoretical, it doesn’t ask for – it gives, it also confers special emphasis to social causes, to the victims of deep aggression, to sustainable development, to Research and development, and to children, allocating an important part of its financial and human resources for these areas, being a donator to many institutions and individuals.


Rancho Folclórico

Supported by Rancho Folclórico Infantil e Juvenil da Pedreira Italiana

Rancho Folclórico Infantil e Juvenil da Pedreira Italiana was founded in July 1987. This group is a musical genre of popular origin, made up of customs, legends and popular festivals, transmitted by imitation, which passes from generation to generation. This Folk Ranch is very diverse, having members from 8 to 80 years old. was founded in July 1987. This group is a musical genre of popular origin, made up of customs, legends and popular festivals, transmitted by imitation, which passes from generation to generation. This Folk Ranch is very diverse, having members from 8 to 80 years old.

Captura de ecrã 2017-06-29, às 13.57.18

Ballet Performance

Supported by OPorto Ballet School

Teresa Borges

OPorto Ballet School, was founded, in October 2004, and its a school directed to the vocational education of the Classical Ballet. The school works to achieve the freedom of the movement, within the excellence of the technique.

Captura de ecrã 2017-06-29, às 13.58.18


Supported by group Siempre a Bailar

The group Siempre a Bailar was born in 2010 created by Professor André Rola. This group is from Setúbal and has about 60 students divided into three classes,” Guapitas “(3 year olds), adults initiated and adults advanced. It is a group of Sevillanas (spanish typical dance) that performs all over Portugal and is defined by their dance show, their colourful clothes and their originality. Fun is guaranteed.


Children’s Choir

Supported by Coro Infantil de Santo Amaro de Oeiras

The Choir was founded by César Batalha in 1976, starting with a group of 17 children. It is now directed by Catarina Melo de Sousa. Santo Amaro’s Choir has gained vast admiration, due to its dignified attitude in trying to attain a high level of artistic and humane qualities. The Choir has also a pedagogical purpose, giving its elements a culture of simplicity and group spirit. The initial rehearsal location of the Choir was at the Oeiras Fire Brigade headquarters, then transferred to the former Oeiras-Cine in 1987. Since 1990, they are headquartered at the Alto da Barra Commercial Complex, under the aegis of the Oeiras Municipality.