Philip James


Philip James, the current chair of the Presidential Council of Global Prevention Alliance in the UK ( was in Lisbon to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Childhood Obesity (CIOI 2017). For the former president of the World Federation of Obesity, the battle against childhood obesity, should focus on the regulation by the authorities and not so much by the education and training of citizens, because they are insufficient to solve this problem.

At this conference, Philip James participated in a very original session, where he was challenged to answer interesting questions from children around the world, who asked him to clarify some of the issues related with obesity that they were curious about, such as “Is a certain gender more likely to be overweight or obese?” or “Can scientists invent an operation that turns the fat or energy into a useful resource then which can be used in an effective way?”.

This session was followed by a brilliant presentation from Prof James “@round the World”. In this presentation, Philip James, spoke about the nutritional status worldwide, about the epidemiology of childhood obesity and what strategies could be used to address this issue.

Philip James, highlighted that policies affecting the price of food should be considered, as price affects what parents are able to purchase and feed their kids. The high price of vegetables and low cost of high fat, sugar, and salt (HFSS) foods is a barrier to promoting healthy lifestyles in children. “In summary,” Philip James said, “we need a Revolution.”

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