The poster exhibition will be located at Exhibition Hall of the CIOI2017 venue. The poster exhibition will be an integral part of the main exhibition and catering areas to ensure maximum visibility and delegate participation.

Your poster has been assigned to be displayed during all time of the Conference. The poster presentation will be displayed in two forms

Printed version (mandatory)

Please provide a printed version of your Poster as PORTRAIT (please DO NOT prepare a landscape poster). The poster board surface should be maximum 90 cm (wide) x 120 cm (high).


Use the template provided for your guidance. You should include on the top right corner your PO number, provided in the email.

The material must be readable from distances 1m or more. Make all print very dark (preferably block style) on a very light, preferably white, background. Please do not use a dark-coloured background. All material should have a matt finish, not shiny or glossy, to improve legibility. If you use smaller type, especially standard typewriter size print, it will be very difficult to read. It is recommended that you provide the viewer (by numbers, letters, or arrows) a preferred sequence that should be followed in studying your poster. Your poster should be self-explanatory so that you are free to supplement the information and discuss particular points by inquiry during the poster session. The poster session potentially provides a more intimate forum for informal discussion than the regular presentations, but this becomes more difficult if you are obliged to devote most of your time to merely explaining your poster to a succession of visitors. Please include a name, address, and phone number on your poster (or distribute business cards) in case someone requires additional information.

Do not write or paint on the poster boards themselves.

After registration, you should fix your poster to the assigned poster board which will have your Poster Number. You should look for your specific poster board.

You should fix you poster, upon arrival at CIOI 2017. between. Posters MUST be attached to the poster boards using the material provided. A CIOI2017 assistant will be near the poster area to help you, if you have any queries please ask her or go to the Registration desk.

Power Point version (optional)

There will be a small exhibition room (BLUE LOUNGE), near the Poster Area, for additional   Conference Contents. It will display, social media, messages board, small videos, as well a continuous digital poster presentations, during the entire time of the Conference.

If you wish that your poster could be included in the continuous session as a slide show, please send us a power point with 6 slides maximum: 1 (TITLE/NAME) + 5 slides (content) until 3rd July 2017

If you wish to send a small video, please insert link of the Video on the last slide.

Please note that power point presentation handed in on site will not be able to be displayed as this has to be prepared and organized previously.


Please note that posters will be evaluated and a Best Poster Award will be granted. This will be handed in at the Awards Session before the Closing Ceremony (8th July 12.30h)


You should collect your poster until 8th July 11h30. Posters not collected will be removed and discarded after the Conference.