1Registration17:00 - 19:00
2Open Ceremony19:30 - 20:00
3Opening Show & Reception Cocktail with the performance of: "orquestra geração"20:00 - 22:00
1T5: Reducing Childhood Obesity in Poland through Effective Policy InterventionsViktoria Kovacs (HU) 8h30Main Auditorium
2T4: Food safety – a challenge to a healthy balance between a better quality food production and the consumers needs (INIAV)Rui Rosário (INIAV / PT) 8h30Mini Auditorium
3Own fault big belly - An inspirational TalkTommy Visscher 9h00 - 10h15WHITE LOUNGE
4T4: Food Safety and Food Labelling. (ASAE)Pedro Portugal Gaspar ( ASAE / PT) 8h45MINI AUDITORIUM
5T2: “Cyclehagen”- Copenhagen an active city designed for two wheels”René Kural (DK) 8h55MAIN AUDITORIUM
6T4: “Safe Food for Consumers from Farm to Fork”(FIPA)Pedro Queiroz (FIPA / PT) 9h00MINI Auditorium
7T2: “These boots are made for walking... scouts talk”João Armando Gonçalves (World Scout Committee) 9h20Main auditorium
8T1: WHO-Euro database of complementary feeding practicesLaura Webber (UK Health Forum /UK) 9h15MINI auditorium
9T4:Infant Food and Risk AssessmentPaula Alvito (INSA/ PT) 9h30MINI auditorium
102: Promoting Physical Activity in the Land of Football: It Shouldn't Be Too HardPedro Teixeira (Faculty of Human Kinetics/Univ Lisboa / PT) 9h45main auditorium
11T4 The Food Environment Policy Index: A tool for comparing national food environmentsJoana Lima (Oxford University/ UK) 9h45mini auditorium
12Debate10h00 – 10h15Mini auditorium
13debate10h00 – 10h15main auditorium
14@round the world - Facebook CIOI2017 Live StreamingPhilip James 10h15-11h00main auditorium
15Coffee & Social Program "MD Crew"11h00 - 11h30
16The Epidemiology of childhood obesity in Europe and worldwide.Wolfgang Ahrens 11h30 -12h15Main auditorium
17DebateMargherita Caroli (ECOG) , Angela Spinelli , Pedro Graça , Tim Lobstein 12h15 - 13h00
18Luch & Social Program "Zumba Class" with Oeiras Dance Academy13h00-14h30
19What does a whole system response to obesity look like?Harry Rutter 14h30 - 15h15Main Auditorium
20DebateKnut Inge- Klepp , Paul Gately , Pedro Teixeira (Faculty of Human Kinetics/Univ Lisboa / PT) , Jane Landon 15h15 - 16h00Main auditorium
21Coffee Break - Social Program "sevillanas siempre a bailar"16h00 - 16h30
22Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative COSI/WHO Europe Session - The southern European DebateSara Santos Sanz , Paula Vassalo , Maria Hassapidou , Angela Spinelli , Igor Spiroski , Ana Rito , Knut Inge- Klep (moderador) , Sanja Milanovic , Eliza Markidou 16h30-18h00Main auditorium
23T2: Exploring public procurement of food for health in schools and beyondSandra Caldeira 16h30mini auditorium
24T3: Obesity, children, families and society: Settings and social dynamicsSilvia Silva (ISCTE / PT) 16h30white lounge
25T2: Food Education at Finish School promotes the well being of the whole school communityMarjaana Manninen (FI) 16h45mini auditorium
26T1: A new approach for monitoring Obesity and Overweight among Students in Amadora's Public SchoolsMiguel Cabral (ACES Amadora / PT) 16h45white lounge
27T2: Guidelines for Healthier Canteens; Making the Healthier Choice the Norm in SchoolsGerda Feunekes (NL) 17h00mini auditorium
28T1: Infant Obesity Appointments at USF São João da TalhaMariana Portugal (PT) 17h00white lounge
29T5: Good practices to promote healthier environments in kindergartens and schools – An EU Joint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity (JANPA) focusing on childhood obesityEszter Sarkadi-Nagy (HU) 17h15mini auditorium
30T1: Efficacy of the Nutrition Appointment in treating obese children and teenagers.Vânia Correia 17h15white lounge
31T2:Sensory training for kindergarten teachers. an experiential approach to sense perception in kindergarten age.Anna-Lena Aufschnaiter 17h30mini auditorium
32T3: Engaging weight loss in obese children through motivational interviewingSónia Mestre (USF Cuidar Saúde / PT) 17h30white lounge
33debate17h45 - 18h00mini auditorium
34debate17h45white lounge
35poster sessions18h00 - 18h30exhibition hall
1T4:The influence of television food advertising in children's choicesSusana Teixeira (PT) 9h00MAIN AUDITORIUM
2T2: MINUTO AZUL - Healthy Food on the Radio TSFIsabel Santiago (PT) 9h00MINI AUDITORIUM
3T4: Monitoring marketing of food and beverages to children in Norwegian grocery stores –The “Sweep” methodLene Frost Andersen(University of Oslo/NO) 9h15Main AUDITORIUM
4T4: Nutriscience project: an effective web-based intervention in the nutritional literacy of children ́s familiesPatricia Padrão (PT) 9h15Mini AUDITORIUM
5T4: The nature and impact of television food advertising in the UK, pre and post regulationsJason Halford 9h30Main AUDITORIUM
6T3: Associations between weight status and home environment of Lithuanian first-gradersAusra Petrauskiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences / LT) 9h30Mini AUDITORIUM
7T3: Living with paediatric obesity: Individual and familiar adaptationRoberta Frontini (University of Coimbra / PT) 9h45MINI AUDITORIUM
8T4: The European Action Network on Reducing Marketing Pressure on ChildrenPedro Graça 9h50MAIN AUDITORIUM
9T3: Relationship between depressive symptoms and risk of eating disorders in primary school childrenEva Pereda-Pereda (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU/SP) 10h00mini auditorium
10T4: Is self-regulation enough?Tim Lobstein 10h10main audiorium
11T1: “Support for severely obese children – Does it exist?”Paul Gately 10h15mini auditorium
12T4: The marketing world for childrenJoão Breda (WHO-Europe) 10h30main auditorium
13debate9h00 - 10H15mini auditorium
14debate10h50 – 11h00main auditorium
15Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obesity as an Addictive Process - WorkshopRobert Pretlow (USA) 9h00-10h45WHITE LOUNGE
16Fat, Bad and always Sad?Andrew Hill 11h30-12h15
17Chairpersons/ContributorsTommy Visscher , Jason Halford , Isabel Loureiro , Harry Rutter 12h15- 13h00main auditorium
18LUNCH & social program "yoga class" with confederação portuguesa de yoga13h00-14h30
19Jamie Oliver Food RevolutionEmma Shipley (Jamie Oliver Food Revolution) 14h30-14h45main auditorium
20debateLousie Codling , Pedro Moreira , João Breda , Philip James 14h45 - 15h45main auditorium
21coffee break & social program "break dance" oeiras dance academy15h45-16h15
22IAN-AF – Results of the New National Dietary SurveyCarla Lopes (Faculty of Medicine – University of Porto / PT) 16h15main auditorium
23From the Lab to Metabolic and Biological Outcomes - Champalimaud Foundation/Albino Maia 16h15mini auditorium
24T2: Socio-ecological intervention in the Algarve to prevent childhood obesityTeresa Sancho (PT) 16h15white lounge
25T2: Food in Action Project – a national youth health strategyRute Borrego (PT) 16h30white lounge
26T1: Feeding practices and dietary intake in children to tackle obesity: a look at some portuguese dataPedro Moreira 16h30main auditorium
27T1: Cardiometabolic risk in early children: underpinning the effect of longitudinal growth trajectories: the Generation XXI studyAna Cristina Santos (FM University of Porto /PT) 16h30mini auditorium
28T5:Nutrition communication centres join forces: the European Public Health Nutrition AllianceGerda Feunekes (NL) 16h45white lounge
29Eat Mediterranean project.Ana Dinis (Regional Health Administration Lisbon VT / PT) 17h00main auditorium
30T1: A Pilot Study on Investigating Sensory Perception and The Relation to Body Composition and Biomarkers of Mother-Infant Pairs: Study Design and Lessons LearnedAnna-Lena Aufschnaiter 16H45mini auditorium
31T3: Kids summer school: exercise/ food/ healthAida Moreira Silva (ACES Baixo Mondego/ PT) 17h00white lounge
32Iodine in Portuguese Diet.Isabel Castanheira (INSA /PT ) 17h00main auditorium
33h: descriptive study from a Portuguese population 17h00mini auditorium
34T3: Apps and eHealth Interventions for Weight Management: Hype or Hope for Childhood Obesity PreventionIsabel Almeida (PT) 17h15white lounge
35Vitamin D supplementation in children.Alejandro Santos (PT) FCNAUP) 17h15main auditorium
36T3: Association among age, maturation, perceived competence and obesityIsabel Mourão Carvalhal (PT) 17h15mini auditorium
37T3: Study of the association of socio-demographic factors and feeding practices with the dietary intake in 3-6years old childrenSaeid Doaei (IR) 17h30white lounge
38Debate/Discussion17h30main auditorium
39Debate/Discussion17h45mini auditorium
40Debate/Discussion17h45white lounge
41Poster sessions18h00-18h30Exhibition hall
1T5 - EASO SESSION9:00 - 10:30Main Auditorium
2T1: WHO childhood obesity surveillance initiative – SpainSara Santos Sanz 9h00MINI AUDITORIUM
3T3: Different BMI, different behavior?Luis Rodrigues (PT) 9h00WHITE LOUNGE
4T1: Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative Portugal - Methodology of the Northern Regional Health AdministrationTeresa Rodrigues (PT) 9h15mini auditorium
5T1: Generational obesity: testing the association of parents BMI with childhood overweight and obesity in children up to 13 years oldAlexandra Amoroso 9h20WHITE LOUNGE
6T1: Overweight and obesity among school children in Hungary by urbanity and regions using three cut-off criteria (COSI Hungary)Erdei Gergo (HU) 9h30mini auditorium
7Parental Perception of 6 to 8 year old chidren ́s body image and childhood obesitySofia Mendes 9h40WHITE LOUNGE
8T1: Overweight and obesity track over time in primary school children: longitudinal findings in the childhood obesity surveillance initiative in the republic of Ireland.Mirjam Heinen (IE) 9h45mini auditorium
9T1: Monitoring the complex causes of childhood obesity on a national level: Results from the German AdiMon-ProjectGianni Varnaccia 10h00mini auditorium
10T4:The Relationship between TV Viewing and Food Intake and BMI in Preschool ChildrenMaryam Gholamalizadeh (IR) 10h00white lounge
11Debate/Discussion10h15mini auditorium
12Debate/Discussion10h20white lounge
13Coffee Break & Social Program "Tunas Académicas de Lisboa"10h30-11h00
15DEBATESandra Caldeira , Francisco George , Tim Lobstein 11h45-12h30
16Awards Session - CIOI2017 Best Poster Award; CIOI 2017 Team cycle Challenge Award12h30-13h30
17Closing Ceremony - Ministry of Health; “Coro Infantil de Santo Amaro de Oeiras”; “Teresa Borges – Ballet Performance”12h30-13h30