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Ana Isabel Rito

President of the CIOI 2017 

The International Conference on Childhood Obesity

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are happy to announce the International Conference on Childhood Obesity –CIOI 2017, that will take place, from 5th to 8th July 2017 in Lisbon – PORTUGAL, at Fundação Champalimaud.

Over the last decade, much has been done to counteract Childhood obesity at International level, in response to the epidemic levels shown in the beginning of the century.

Still, millions of children are affected by obesity worldwide and Portugal is no exclusion of this scenario showing one of the highest prevalence in Europe, with 30% of children between 6-8 years old, being overweight, in which 14% are obese.

Beginning in 2006 and again in 2011, CIOI – the International Conference on Childhood Obesity, has become on of the most important forum to discuss this important public health issue at international level.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been leading the way on helping countries to tackle this issue through several initiatives in which Portugal has been one of its major activist. The Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative from the Regional Office for Europe and the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity are two great examples, which will be highly represented in this Conference.

Following the Portuguese Health strategy on counteracting childhood obesity, we are now hosts of a union of efforts where together we will tackle this issue. The meeting will strengthen the existing collaboration of all participants, from policy makers, community advocates, educators brushing all areas from health, education to psychology and others, developing all together large-scales childhood policies and programs.

We will have representatives from different areas, believing that this Conference will have a major impact not only for its scientific components but also for its intersectorial approach. Invited speakers from International Organizations and NGOs like World Obesity, European and National Associations of Obesity, WHO, European Union and also National and Local Governments, from Health and Education, along with the private sector and other stakeholders.

The conference will have 5 major tracks covering the most relevant areas on this issue:

Childhood obesity Epidemiology, Social, diet, physical activity and behavioral overviewNon-Governmental Action and Policy making, Improving Food Environment for Children and Childhood health in all policies.

We will provide a very interesting cultural and social programme in order to offer you a nice and complete experience in our lovely country. Lisbon is a beautiful place, an illuminated city near the sea, by the river Tejo, and the constant presence of sunshine transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colors, where you can find high quality at an environmental, cultural, touristic and management level, a rich architectonic patrimony, where the modernism and the history live together. All represented and gathered in the iconic venue chosen for this Conference: the Champalimaud, Foundation Center for the unknown.

We are very honored to invite you to participate in the International Childhood Obesity Conference CIOI 2017.



Fernando Almeida

 President of the National Institute of Health, Doutor Ricardo Jorge, IP


As President of the National Institute of Health, Dr Ricardo Jorge, it is my absolute pleasure to invite you to the 3rd International Conference on Childhood Obesity, CIOI 2017, in the beautiful and charismatic city of Lisbon.

Childhood Obesity has been on the top of the political agenda in Portugal particularly because one in every three children are affected with overweight and obesity, being one of the European countries with the highest prevalence.

Furthermore, worldwide this important public health issue still presents itself as one of the biggest challenge to tackle.

This event will be the perfect forum to present and discuss clinical, epidemiological, and public health scientific research from high level institutions from all over the world.

As its character, we will have an inter-sectorial approach welcoming scientists from health care and public health, education, policy makers, architects, sport and Food Sector professionals, students and all the areas that are important and transversal to the study of obesity and its co-morbidities in children.

With several high level presences already confirmed, from the World Health Organization/Regional Office for Europe, the Portuguese Ministry of Health top institutions and the World Obesity Federation, high level endorsed by his excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic, this Conference is an essential part of your academic and professional path and an opportunity to share, among peers, your work.

I wish to welcome you all to Lisbon, next July, and look forward to see your work as a part of what we aim to be an exceptional conference – CIOI 2017.


Preliminary Version

# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 Registration 17:00 - 19:00
2 Open Ceremony 19:30 - 20:00
3 Opening Show & Reception Cocktail with the performance of: "orquestra geração" 20:00 - 22:00
# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 T5: Reducing Childhood Obesity in Poland through Effective Policy Interventions Viktoria Kovacs (HU) 8h30 Main Auditorium
2 T4: Food safety – a challenge to a healthy balance between a better quality food production and the consumers needs (INIAV) Rui Rosário (INIAV / PT) 8h30 Mini Auditorium
3 Own fault big belly - An inspirational Talk Tommy Visscher 9h00 - 10h15 WHITE LOUNGE
4 T4: Food Safety and Food Labelling. (ASAE) Pedro Portugal Gaspar ( ASAE / PT) 8h45 MINI AUDITORIUM
5 T2: “Cyclehagen”- Copenhagen an active city designed for two wheels” René Kural (DK) 8h55 MAIN AUDITORIUM
6 T4: “Safe Food for Consumers from Farm to Fork”(FIPA) Pedro Queiroz (FIPA / PT) 9h00 MINI Auditorium
7 T2: “These boots are made for walking... scouts talk” João Armando Gonçalves (World Scout Committee) 9h20 Main auditorium
8 T1: WHO-Euro database of complementary feeding practices Laura Webber (UK Health Forum /UK) 9h15 MINI auditorium
9 T4:Infant Food and Risk Assessment Paula Alvito (INSA/ PT) 9h30 MINI auditorium
10 2: Promoting Physical Activity in the Land of Football: It Shouldn't Be Too Hard Pedro Teixeira (Faculty of Human Kinetics/Univ Lisboa / PT) 9h45 main auditorium
11 T4 The Food Environment Policy Index: A tool for comparing national food environments Joana Lima (Oxford University/ UK) 9h45 mini auditorium
12 Debate 10h00 – 10h15 Mini auditorium
13 debate 10h00 – 10h15 main auditorium
14 @round the world - Facebook CIOI2017 Live Streaming Philip James 10h15-11h00 main auditorium
15 Coffee & Social Program "MD Crew" 11h00 - 11h30
16 The Epidemiology of childhood obesity in Europe and worldwide. Wolfgang Ahrens 11h30 -12h15 Main auditorium
17 Debate Margherita Caroli (ECOG) , Angela Spinelli , Pedro Graça , Tim Lobstein 12h15 - 13h00
18 Luch & Social Program "Zumba Class" with Oeiras Dance Academy 13h00-14h30
19 What does a whole system response to obesity look like? Harry Rutter 14h30 - 15h15 Main Auditorium
20 Debate Knut Inge- Klepp , Paul Gately , Pedro Teixeira (Faculty of Human Kinetics/Univ Lisboa / PT) , Jane Landon 15h15 - 16h00 Main auditorium
21 Coffee Break - Social Program "sevillanas siempre a bailar" 16h00 - 16h30
22 Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative COSI/WHO Europe Session - The southern European Debate Sara Santos Sanz , Paula Vassalo , Maria Hassapidou , Angela Spinelli , Igor Spiroski , Ana Rito , Knut Inge- Klep (moderador) , Sanja Milanovic , Eliza Markidou 16h30-18h00 Main auditorium
23 T2: Exploring public procurement of food for health in schools and beyond Sandra Caldeira 16h30 mini auditorium
24 T3: Obesity, children, families and society: Settings and social dynamics Silvia Silva (ISCTE / PT) 16h30 white lounge
25 T2: Food Education at Finish School promotes the well being of the whole school community Marjaana Manninen (FI) 16h45 mini auditorium
26 T1: A new approach for monitoring Obesity and Overweight among Students in Amadora's Public Schools Miguel Cabral (ACES Amadora / PT) 16h45 white lounge
27 T2: Guidelines for Healthier Canteens; Making the Healthier Choice the Norm in Schools Gerda Feunekes (NL) 17h00 mini auditorium
28 T1: Infant Obesity Appointments at USF São João da Talha Mariana Portugal (PT) 17h00 white lounge
29 T5: Good practices to promote healthier environments in kindergartens and schools – An EU Joint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity (JANPA) focusing on childhood obesity Eszter Sarkadi-Nagy (HU) 17h15 mini auditorium
30 T1: Efficacy of the Nutrition Appointment in treating obese children and teenagers. Vânia Correia 17h15 white lounge
31 T2:Sensory training for kindergarten teachers. an experiential approach to sense perception in kindergarten age. Anna-Lena Aufschnaiter 17h30 mini auditorium
32 T3: Engaging weight loss in obese children through motivational interviewing Sónia Mestre (USF Cuidar Saúde / PT) 17h30 white lounge
33 debate 17h45 - 18h00 mini auditorium
34 debate 17h45 white lounge
35 poster sessions 18h00 - 18h30 exhibition hall
# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 T4:The influence of television food advertising in children's choices Susana Teixeira (PT) 9h00 MAIN AUDITORIUM
2 T2: MINUTO AZUL - Healthy Food on the Radio TSF Isabel Santiago (PT) 9h00 MINI AUDITORIUM
3 T4: Monitoring marketing of food and beverages to children in Norwegian grocery stores –The “Sweep” method Lene Frost Andersen(University of Oslo/NO) 9h15 Main AUDITORIUM
4 T4: Nutriscience project: an effective web-based intervention in the nutritional literacy of children ́s families Patricia Padrão (PT) 9h15 Mini AUDITORIUM
5 T4: The nature and impact of television food advertising in the UK, pre and post regulations Jason Halford 9h30 Main AUDITORIUM
6 T3: Associations between weight status and home environment of Lithuanian first-graders Ausra Petrauskiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences / LT) 9h30 Mini AUDITORIUM
7 T3: Living with paediatric obesity: Individual and familiar adaptation Roberta Frontini (University of Coimbra / PT) 9h45 MINI AUDITORIUM
8 T4: The European Action Network on Reducing Marketing Pressure on Children Pedro Graça 9h50 MAIN AUDITORIUM
9 T3: Relationship between depressive symptoms and risk of eating disorders in primary school children Eva Pereda-Pereda (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU/SP) 10h00 mini auditorium
10 T4: Is self-regulation enough? Tim Lobstein 10h10 main audiorium
11 T1: “Support for severely obese children – Does it exist?” Paul Gately 10h15 mini auditorium
12 T4: The marketing world for children João Breda (WHO-Europe) 10h30 main auditorium
13 debate 9h00 - 10H15 mini auditorium
14 debate 10h50 – 11h00 main auditorium
15 Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obesity as an Addictive Process - Workshop Robert Pretlow (USA) 9h00-10h45 WHITE LOUNGE
16 Fat, Bad and always Sad? Andrew Hill 11h30-12h15
17 Chairpersons/Contributors Tommy Visscher , Jason Halford , Isabel Loureiro , Harry Rutter 12h15- 13h00 main auditorium
18 LUNCH & social program "yoga class" with confederação portuguesa de yoga 13h00-14h30
19 Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Emma Shipley (Jamie Oliver Food Revolution) 14h30-14h45 main auditorium
20 debate Lousie Codling , Pedro Moreira , João Breda , Philip James 14h45 - 15h45 main auditorium
21 coffee break & social program "break dance" oeiras dance academy 15h45-16h15
22 IAN-AF – Results of the New National Dietary Survey Carla Lopes (Faculty of Medicine – University of Porto / PT) 16h15 main auditorium
23 From the Lab to Metabolic and Biological Outcomes - Champalimaud Foundation/ Albino Maia 16h15 mini auditorium
24 T2: Socio-ecological intervention in the Algarve to prevent childhood obesity Teresa Sancho (PT) 16h15 white lounge
25 T2: Food in Action Project – a national youth health strategy Rute Borrego (PT) 16h30 white lounge
26 T1: Feeding practices and dietary intake in children to tackle obesity: a look at some portuguese data Pedro Moreira 16h30 main auditorium
27 T1: Cardiometabolic risk in early children: underpinning the effect of longitudinal growth trajectories: the Generation XXI study Ana Cristina Santos (FM University of Porto /PT) 16h30 mini auditorium
28 T5:Nutrition communication centres join forces: the European Public Health Nutrition Alliance Gerda Feunekes (NL) 16h45 white lounge
29 Eat Mediterranean project. Ana Dinis (Regional Health Administration Lisbon VT / PT) 17h00 main auditorium
30 T1: A Pilot Study on Investigating Sensory Perception and The Relation to Body Composition and Biomarkers of Mother-Infant Pairs: Study Design and Lessons Learned Anna-Lena Aufschnaiter 16H45 mini auditorium
31 T3: Kids summer school: exercise/ food/ health Aida Moreira Silva (ACES Baixo Mondego/ PT) 17h00 white lounge
32 Iodine in Portuguese Diet. Isabel Castanheira (INSA /PT ) 17h00 main auditorium
33 h: descriptive study from a Portuguese population 17h00 mini auditorium
34 T3: Apps and eHealth Interventions for Weight Management: Hype or Hope for Childhood Obesity Prevention Isabel Almeida (PT) 17h15 white lounge
35 Vitamin D supplementation in children. Alejandro Santos (PT) FCNAUP) 17h15 main auditorium
36 T3: Association among age, maturation, perceived competence and obesity Isabel Mourão Carvalhal (PT) 17h15 mini auditorium
37 T3: Study of the association of socio-demographic factors and feeding practices with the dietary intake in 3-6years old children Saeid Doaei (IR) 17h30 white lounge
38 Debate/Discussion 17h30 main auditorium
39 Debate/Discussion 17h45 mini auditorium
40 Debate/Discussion 17h45 white lounge
41 Poster sessions 18h00-18h30 Exhibition hall
# Session Speaker(s) Time Venue
1 T5 - EASO SESSION 9:00 - 10:30 Main Auditorium
2 T1: WHO childhood obesity surveillance initiative – Spain Sara Santos Sanz 9h00 MINI AUDITORIUM
3 T3: Different BMI, different behavior? Luis Rodrigues (PT) 9h00 WHITE LOUNGE
4 T1: Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative Portugal - Methodology of the Northern Regional Health Administration Teresa Rodrigues (PT) 9h15 mini auditorium
5 T1: Generational obesity: testing the association of parents BMI with childhood overweight and obesity in children up to 13 years old Alexandra Amoroso 9h20 WHITE LOUNGE
6 T1: Overweight and obesity among school children in Hungary by urbanity and regions using three cut-off criteria (COSI Hungary) Erdei Gergo (HU) 9h30 mini auditorium
7 Parental Perception of 6 to 8 year old chidren ́s body image and childhood obesity Sofia Mendes 9h40 WHITE LOUNGE
8 T1: Overweight and obesity track over time in primary school children: longitudinal findings in the childhood obesity surveillance initiative in the republic of Ireland. Mirjam Heinen (IE) 9h45 mini auditorium
9 T1: Monitoring the complex causes of childhood obesity on a national level: Results from the German AdiMon-Project Gianni Varnaccia 10h00 mini auditorium
10 T4:The Relationship between TV Viewing and Food Intake and BMI in Preschool Children Maryam Gholamalizadeh (IR) 10h00 white lounge
11 Debate/Discussion 10h15 mini auditorium
12 Debate/Discussion 10h20 white lounge
13 Coffee Break & Social Program "Tunas Académicas de Lisboa" 10h30-11h00
14 Plenary Session T5: CHILDHOOD HEALTH IN ALL POLICIES Gauden Galea 11h00-11h45 MAIN AUDITORIUM
15 DEBATE Sandra Caldeira , Francisco George , Tim Lobstein 11h45-12h30
16 Awards Session - CIOI2017 Best Poster Award; CIOI 2017 Team cycle Challenge Award 12h30-13h30
17 Closing Ceremony - Ministry of Health; “Coro Infantil de Santo Amaro de Oeiras”; “Teresa Borges – Ballet Performance” 12h30-13h30


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